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    Capital for Merchants can help you realize your goals.

    As a hard-working entrepreneur, you know all about the unrealistic requirements and costly fees of traditional bank loans. That's why Capital for Merchants developed a merchant cash advance program that is focused specifically on small business owners like you.

    apply in minutes

    Our simple application process has a 95% acceptance rate with approvals in 24 hours.

    • no startup fees
    • no collateral required

    get your money

    You'll get funds within 72 hours.

    Spend it how you'd like.

    • up to $500,000 cash
    • no personal liability

    swipe like usual

    We get paid back with a small percentage of your credit card receipts.

    • no monthly bills
    • lowest rates & best terms

    Your Direct Source for Capital.

    As a direct funding source backed by one of the nation's most trusted credit card processing companies, Capital for Merchants specializes in merchant cash advances that help small businesses grow and succeed.

    Get fast money for your business without the costly fees and strict qualifications of bank loans. You'll get the cash you need, quickly and easily - with the lowest factor rates in the industry. It's ideal for restaurants, bars, auto shops, beauty salons, retail stores, and just about any other type of small business.

    Already have a business cash advance? Let us roll your existing merchant cash advance into a lower factor rate advance! Give us a call today and learn how a merchant cash advance is the smart and easy alternative to traditional bank loans.